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A Special Mothers Day

May 10, 2019

Happy, Happy, Mothers Day Weekend!

Friday is here! It’s rocking and rolling as I’m sure you are gearing up for the weekend! You might be making plans with your sweet momma, You might just be excited to celebrate your own milestone of being a Mom, but maybe some of you out there are just wishing you could be around your momma on this special day. I feel you. This year I get to spend mothers day with my mom, and it’s something I will never take for granted.

Time will fly by! You might take a few photos on your phone to remember it, but before you know it we will be right back into our Monday routine. That’s just how life rolls! All mothers out there deserve year round appreciation, let me tell you! BUT because we are blessed enough to even have a holiday that brings us all together (physically or in spirit) we should be thankful for that. A beautiful thing happens, we stop and take a second to breathe, zone out and reminisce on moments spent together and/or live in the moments being spent.

After quickly researching “What it means to be a Mother” I ran down a lot of internet rabbit trails, but finally landed on particular quote that I really loved. Hopefully it will encourage you like it did me!

“In a loving Mother, we see Christ.”

How cool is that? Love is the key here, but Christ is the result. As a mother myself it really helps me channel everything in a fresh perspective. As Christians, we are striving daily to be Christ-like, but to think that even in our roles as Godly mothers have the power to truly represent Christ through our love? That’s powerful and something we should completely embrace. Yes, simple but impactful.

I want to offer you something special this summer.. Something out of my motherly appreciation, something simple but incredibly impactful. It’s time to stop, breathe, and have your time spent together captured to save. The cycle of life never stops.. Let’s document right here and right now.

To all the mothers out there, you deserve it!

One of my very best friends & her daughter came and did just that the other day. Enjoy this super fun preview!

2019-05-10_0011.jpgNow is the time to get your wife, your mom, or even invest in yourself something to remember!

Mothers Day Summer Mini’s: Now through the end of July!

* $150

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