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In our blog you will find our most recent photography work, newest business adventures and experiences, love stories that we can't resist keeping to ourselves, and a look into the life of a wedding photographer!

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Welcome TO THE

Last Saturday I gave you guys a little view of a super beautiful proposal that went down. As promised here is the full thing! It all took place of the 55th floor of the Bank of America Plaza, better known as the tallest building in downtown Atlanta BUT even more acutely described as the “The […]

Happy, Happy, Mothers Day Weekend! Friday is here! It’s rocking and rolling as I’m sure you are gearing up for the weekend! You might be making plans with your sweet momma, You might just be excited to celebrate your own milestone of being a Mom, but maybe some of you out there are just wishing […]

Welcome to my NEW BRAND Ivy & Linen! It’s so fun to actually type that out! Also, HAPPY OCTOBER!   Thanks for hopping on and reading this post, my name is KaliAnn for those of you who don’t know me! It’s been a passion and dream of mine for about 2 years now to create […]

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